CUYAHOGA COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY Brecksville Branch  Brecksville, Ohio

A renovation to the library necessitated the need to improve the existing inadequate lighting. The solution to suspend linear direct/indirect fluorescent luminaries, greatly increasing the vertical illumination on the book stacks while celebrating the architecture of the space garnered a selection by the Illuminating Engineering Society Progress Committee as an Innovative Application of New Technology. The combination of high output lamps, with addressable digital ballasts, and daylight sensors was among the first of its kind anywhere. The large continuous skylight takes advantage of day lighting, by controlling the luminaries and dimming lamps in zones, providing a substantial energy savings opportunity. As the availability of day lighting decreases the output of the lamps increases to compensate, automatically. Digital ballasts and communication are programmed rather than wired creating a extremely flexible system, with individual luminaries able to be manipulated from zone to zone, depending on final actual conditions.