Jobs ohio | Columbus, ohio

As a brand new, private, nonprofit corporation, JobsOhio required office space that helped them showcase the State of Ohio’s promise as an economically viable place to create new business. Located in a high-rise downtown, glass walls provide immediate views of the Statehouse and downtown activity. A large Gallery off the entry lobby highlights the regions.

The 10,000 sq. ft. open office environment is lit with single lamp T5HO linear fluorescent direct/indirect luminaires designed with a batwing distribution to accommodate the short hanging height. Low Voltage HIR MR16 mono-point trackheads spotlight black and white photography taken from around the state of Ohio. The break room is lit with a mix of CFL downlights and CFL decorative pendants. Linear fluorescents concealed within the custom bar provides added visual interest to the space. The project also consisted of four small breakout rooms and two larger conference rooms with full scene control. As part of this project, Ohio products were used wherever possible, allowing GE Lighting located in Cleveland,Ohio to provide all lamping and LED undercabinet lighting.