Dublin Methodist Hospital

Professional Lighting Design Services

Professional Lighting Designers are a tremendous resource for innovative, practical, and economically viable lighting solutions. They understand the role of lighting in architecture and interior design, relying on their extensive experience and knowledge of lighting equipment and systems to transform spaces, evoke moods, create drama, promote productivity, and improve health.

  • lighting design and application
  • lighting control system design
  • computer based lighting calculations
  • full scale mock-ups
  • final luminaire aiming and scene setting
  • custom luminaire design
  • coordination of emergency lighting systems
  • energy code compliance
  • energy studies
  • design and consultation on LEED projects



Cleveland Public Library TechCentral

Technology Design Services

Professional Technology Design has become an integral part of many buildings. Computers, communications, building management and security must be considered in the design. Understanding the needs of the owner and occupants of the building is the most important element of the design.

  • information systems
  • telephone/data system design
  • security systems
  • audio/visual (A/V)
  • building system automation
  • lighting and HVAC controls
  • building management systems